Eau De Parfum

Astral Chorus

Inspired by the celebration of unity, an harmonious gathering, this fragrance blooms with distinctively soft floral notes and sustains to a musky finish.

HEAD : lemon, Italian bergamot, grapefruit

HEART : iris, fig, clary sage

BASE: musk, sage absolute, woody notes

Cape Of Light

Inspired by the imaginary wearing of a "Cape Of Light", as an aura, a protective shield. This fresh fragrance opens with a shimmering of atmospheric citrus notes, and green ambience that dissipates to a mossy wood finish.

HEAD : coriander, bergamot, pink pepper, bitter orange leaves

HEART : lemon flowers, patchouli, geranium

BASE : cederwood, vetiver, oakmoss

Purple Jacket

Unapologetically deep and smokey, this contemporary rich woody fragrance is smooth in character and hidden strength. Inspired by commitment, dedication to process, a flame, a shadow, a darkened interior, a manuscript, an orchestra, a performance, philately, rocks, history and a pinch of dusty magic.

HEAD : heliotrope

HEART : precious sandal wood

BASE : patchouli, vanilla, amberwood